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Fitness tips for 16 year old boy

Fitness tips for 16 year old boy; Lie on the ground with your knees bowed and arms crossed on your chest. Have a companion hold down your legs by the lower leg muscle. (This keeps leg muscles from loaning an excessive amount of help to the gut muscles.) Using your stomach muscles, delicately raise your shoulder bones off the ground. (Try not to jolt yourself up!) Lower yourself, however don’t lay on the floor. Your stomach muscles ought to be tight the entire time.


Structure a table on your toes and hands, with your hands shoulder-width separated. Keep your back and backside level. Utilize your arms to bring down yourself midway or more remote, at that point propel yourself back up. Make sure to relax! Fitness tips for 16 year old boy.


Remain with your feet shoulder-width separated. Utilize your legs to bring down yourself, as though you’re plunking down. As you sink, raise your arms before you. When you arrive at a situated position, gradually stand up again while bringing down your arms.


Outside or in an enormous room, make a tremendous stride. The knee of your back leg ought to about touch the ground. Rehash until you bizarre walk 10 stages. Rest for one moment, at that point rehash. Do two to four sets.

Fitness tips for 16 year old boy

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