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Fitness log

Fitness log; A workout log can be an important tool in aiding you want and maintain your exercise program. A fitness log is a superb way to track your progress. You can easily look back and observe how you’ve progressed over time. Additionally, it will also help you want and prepare for future workouts, along with identify patterns of what seems to work nicely for you and when you yourself have the absolute most success.

On a workout log, you ought to minimally include details about the kind of workout, length, and intensity. But you may also include extra information including the following:

  • Food & hydration
  • The route you took
  • Distance
  • Shoes or clothes worn
  • Approximate calories burned
  • Weight
  • Weather
  • Attitude
  • Illness or injury
  • Personal bests
  • Thoughts and feelings about your workout

Workout log apps are like to-do lists: they are easy to begin, but hard to have right. ​In fact, there are almost as much bad workout logs as there are workout logging apps. On this list, however, you may find none of the bad ones (even if they aren’t all for you). Fitness log.

Obtain the best apps for planning, organizing and logging gym sessions; workout log apps that basically help you obtain the absolute most from the weight training time rather than wasting it fumbling with obnoxious screens.

HeavySet ​- Best Workout Log App​ (iOS)

Once you ​open HeavySet you’ll find most everything is created just to delight you.

Let’s focus on data entry. The buttons are just where they have to be and big enough to not miss despite shaking legs — or hands. What’s more, you typically simply tap once to log a set; HeavySet’s smart predictions have previously accomplished the, umm, heavy lifting.

​HeavySet’s smarts don’t mean you give up any control over setting up routines. Routine can be entered the way they work best for you: you can specify rep ranges, pick weight based on intensity (in percent of one’s calculated 1 rep max) or define supersets and giant sets. The notable exception are drop sets.

HeavySet is the greatest workout log app overall.

Strong​ (iOS, Android)

Strong comes with all the current tools you’ll need to keep track of your workouts really effective manner: a big library of exercises and a practical way to enter data.

Adding sets and exercises can be as fast as removing or re-arranging them; for each exercise, you obtain the last workout data to enter fast along with the complete history, charts and records; the others timer is wisely integrated in the keyboard (if there isn’t it start automatically), and the NEXT button is there as well.

​Strong features a plate calculator as well. However, it could not be so useful as you cannot define your personal bar weight (the olympic bar will there be, though). The warm-up calculator a bit oddly only works for barbell exercises.

Just picking exercises as you go is straightforward, but Strong allows you to combine them into routines as well. Unfortunately, scheduling these, picking days or simply organizing them in folders is extremely hard, so you always need to hunt a bit for the right workout or constantly re-arrange for the most-used to be on top. For both exercises and body measurements, Strong presents pretty and helpful charts.

All in all, ​Strong is an excellent app for planning and logging workouts.

Fitness log

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